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What is MCQuick?
MCQuick is a Web Application for solving or building MCQ papers.
How do I find a paper to solve?
Please visit the paper.php page. You will see a list of already prepared prapers. You can open any of those papers by clicking on them.
How do I create a paper?
To create a paper, please visit editor.php. Fill out the Paper info form. Add questuions by clicking on the Add_Question button. When finished save the paper by clicking on the Save_Paper button.
How do I get a direct link to a paper I created?
Please visit your profile.php page. You will see a list of all the papers you have created. Click on the icon beside the paper you intend to share. A dialog box will open with the direct link to the paper which you can share.
How do I log in?

You do not need to register to use MCQuick. MCQuick accepts log in via Google and Facebook.

To log in please click on Log in on the top right corner of the page => Choose your log in provider (Google or Facebook) => You will be redirected to the respective providers website => When asked if you want to share your profile information please click yes (MCQuick only requires your User ID, Name and E-Mail ID).

You only need to log in when Creating a paper or when saving your result after solving a mcq paper.


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MCQuick 4.0

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